Mission Statement

I invest my own capital across all asset classes to answer the question “Am I Really A Good Investor Or Not?”

Investment Approach

I have developed a system for underwriting investments to keep myself intellectually honest and personally accountable. The core axioms of my system include using:

  • A principles-based approach to investing;
  • Data analytics to underwrite risk for each specific asset class;
  • Systems Dynamics ‘mental models’ on how to think about investing across different asset classes.

Please note I don’t invest in VC, Seed or Pre-Seed unless I’m operationally involved as I haven’t seen enough data to label VC an ‘investment class’ per the criteria above.

About Me


I went to MIT and Oxford to study Data Analytics and Science.

I then worked in private equity investing for 15 years, executing over $1B in investments in the US, Asia & Australia.

These days I manage my own pools of capital to answer the question “Am I Really A Good Investor Or Not?”, hence the moniker Airagion.


Limited Partners (LPs) & General Partners (GPs)

I have advised globally top-tier Sovereign Wealth Funds, Family Offices, Hedge Funds, Private Wealth Managers and Private Equity Managers. My rate is $1,150 per hour but it varies depending on the impact of the engagement. To qualify for a call, please complete the form below.

For GPs:

  • What emerging fund terms and sector/industry allocations are most in-trend among LPs;
  • Successful new approaches to deal-making and deal sourcing in Private Equity;
  • Sectors, industries and investment thesis that emerging in the lower-mid market of Alternative assets;
  • Competitive differentiation between successful GPs;
  • Most innovative / interesting deals in the Private Equity market; and
  • How to leverage data for value creation.

For LPs and PWMs:

  • Competitive differentiation of GPs by investment thesis differentiation and fund terms;
  • Which GPs are providing differentiated alpha controlling for multiple expansion;
  • How global investors can access US investment asset classes;
  • Investment vehicle optimization; and
  • Portfolio structuring across all assets classes for FOs and HNWs.

Investment Committee & Board Roles

I currently have openings for the following position(s):

  • 1 x Investment Committee position;
  • No current availability for Board seat positions.

Roles are for a minimum 6-month duration.


I write a quarterly newsletter about all things investing, data, AI and philosophy.

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